Secure, a perfect fit and perfectly matched to your vehicle.

Your advantages at a glance

100% perfect fit.

Precisely tailored to your vehicle.
All BMW Genuine wheels and tires are individually developed for the driving dynamics and design of each BMW model.
Homolagation-free premium quality.

secure & tested.

Each tire is subjected to strict tests with up to 50 different quality criteria to guarantee you the best quality at all times (the EU tire label only requires 3 criteria).

Tire warranty.

Tires with BMW star marking: particularly long service life & highest safety ratings. We are so convinced of their quality that every star tire comes with a 24-month tire warranty*.

Mounting incl.

Everything is already included in the price of the wheel & tire sets. Tire pressure sensors, balancing and mounting the wheels on your vehicle - all included.

Wheels and tires play a major role in handling and safety.
For untroubled driving pleasure, tires in optimum condition and suitable for the season are therefore important factors.

All Original BMW wheels and tires are individually developed and tuned for the driving dynamics and design language of each specific BMW model. We work hand in hand with leading tire manufacturers such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin.

The star marking is the seal of quality of an original BMW tire and is only awarded to tires that have passed the strict BMW quality tests 100 percent.

The BMW tires with star marking are individually matched to the electronic control systems of your vehicle and guarantee the typical BMW sportiness when driving. You can also rely on the best braking distance values on both wet and dry roads.

We want you to be able to enjoy the driving dynamics of your BMW to the max. Thanks to their Ultra High Performance, Original BMW Tires offer maximum grip and support precise steering behavior even at high speeds and with a sporty driving style.

BMW tires with star markings are developed in cooperation with leading tire manufacturers. The lowest possible noise emissions inside the vehicle and the rolling characteristics of the tires are also taken into account. Because you should not only reach your destination safely, but also comfortably.

Original BMW tires are particularly durable. Thanks to specially reinforced sidewalls (run-flat technology), they offer even more safety than conventional tires. Even with gradual or complete loss of pressure, you can still drive up to 80 kilometers at 80 km/h – an invaluable advantage if the worst comes to the worst.

BMW tires with star markings are optimized in terms of rolling resistance and help you to save fuel.

Tires with BMW star markings stand for the highest quality. As we are convinced of this quality, we give you a quality promise without compromise with the BMW tire guarantee:

• The BMW tire warranty applies to all original complete wheels and star-marked tires purchased from your BMW partner from 11.03.2013.
• It also applies to all factory-fitted summer tires on new BMW Group vehicles from first registration 07/2020.

It is automatically valid for 24 months at no extra cost and offers you optimum protection with up to 100 % cost reimbursement.

The tire warranty applies to:

• Damage caused by sharp objects such as nails or broken glass
• Damage due to kerb impact
• Vandalism


With the BMW tire warranty, you will be reimbursed up to 100% of the tire costs in the event of damage (excluding fitting).

The amount of the reimbursement depends on the current tread depth:

  • from 8 mm / 100 %
  • 7 – 7.9 mm / 80 %
  • 6 – 6.9 mm / 60 %
  • 5 – 5.9 mm / 40 %
  • 4 – 4.9 mm / 20 %
  • 3 – 3.9 mm / 10 %
  • less than 3 mm / 0 %
There is no refund when a tire is repaired; instead, the tire warranty remains valid.

It’s time to change the wheels. But where to put the summer wheels?
Just leave them with us!

To ensure that your bikes last longer and continue to run smoothly next season, they are professionally stored for you. The wheels are checked and cleaned before refitting – for an all-round safe ride.

When you buy an original BMW wheelset, the fitting and balancing of the wheels and the tire pressure sensors are completely free of charge.

Added safety that also saves you money: from November 2014, a tire pressure monitoring system will be required by law for all new registrations according to the current EU regulation. This electronically monitors the tire pressure using sensors on all four wheels. Depending on the model and equipment, the tire pressure display allows the current tire pressure to be checked in the Control Display or in the instrument cluster. Since March 2014, all new BMW vehicles have been equipped with this system.


The correct tire pressure reduces the risk of tire damage and therefore increases safety. Only with the correct inflation pressure does the tire have the optimum contact area on the road and offer the best performance during sporty driving and evasive or braking manoeuvres.

If the tire pressure monitoring system detects a critical pressure deviation (20% below target or below the minimum inflation pressure of 1.7 bar), it alerts the driver to the potential danger at an early stage with a warning signal and informs him about the affected tire via a display in the control display or in the multifunctional instrument display.

The tire pressure monitoring system ensures savings in the long term: As tires with the correct inflation pressure generate less rolling resistance, a positive effect on fuel consumption is created. In addition, correct tire pressure prevents irregular wear and thus extends the service life of the tire.

BMW offers all complete wheels with star-marked tires with RDC sensor. Your BMW Service Partner will be happy to advise you whether your vehicle is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system and which tires best meet your requirements. When changing tires, our experts will ensure that the tire pressure monitoring system is working properly, set the correct tire inflation pressure and program the RDC system accordingly. Translated with (free version)


As the driver of a new vehicle with a tire pressure monitoring system, make sure that your new wheels are equipped with an RDC sensor.

Emergency wheels do not have an RDC sensor. If an emergency wheel is fitted after an indicated pressure loss, the warning message therefore remains on the display until a new wheel equipped with a suitable RDC sensor is fitted.

The tire pressure depends on the temperature of the tire. Increasing the tire temperature, e.g. while driving or due to sunlight, increases the tire pressure. A drop in pressure can occur when the tire temperature drops. This behavior can lead to a warning in the event of a serious drop in temperature due to the given warning limits. The tire pressure should therefore be checked at regular intervals at ambient temperature (“cold tires”).

Sudden tire damage caused by external influences cannot be pointed out in advance.

Genuine BMW tires with star markings are also available with run-flat technology. So you can play it safe in the event of a puncture: Original BMW run-flat tires allow you to continue driving over a distance of approx. 80 km (up to max. 80 km/h) to the nearest workshop even in the event of a complete loss of pressure – for greater safety and maximum comfort.

Original BMW tires with run-flat technology sustainably reduce the safety risk of punctures. Instead of putting yourself in danger by the roadside when changing a tire, you can drive safely and comfortably over a distance of approx. 80 km (up to max. 80 km/h) to the nearest workshop.

With Original BMW tires with run-flat technology, you benefit not only from emergency running properties but also from a lower vehicle weight – because there is no need for a spare wheel or mobility set. This saves fuel and helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Original BMW tires with runflat technology are therefore an integral part of the BMW EfficientDynamics measures.

With Genuine BMW Runflat tires, you can confidently do without a spare wheel or a mobility set. This saves trunk space and offers you more storage space for other items such as vehicle care products or luggage.

Thanks to the specially reinforced sidewalls, run-flat tires ensure that the vehicle remains manoeuvrable even in the event of a complete loss of pressure and can continue to drive safely over a distance of approx. 80 km (up to max. 80 km/h) without any problems. This significantly reduces the risk of the vehicle breaking away in the event of a tire blowout at high speeds, for example.

All BMW vehicles have been equipped with a tire pressure indicator (RPA) as standard for several years. This allows you to see whether there is a loss of pressure while driving. From 2014, BMW will be introducing an active tire pressure monitoring system (RDC), which permanently monitors the exact air pressure in each complete wheel and shows the exact pressure values in the control display. This significantly increases comfort and enhances safety. The correct air pressure guarantees minimum fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.

A Europe-wide labeling requirement for tires has been in force since November 2012. The EU tire label evaluates the following three tire properties: fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise. More about the EU tire regulation

Fuel efficiency is divided into classes from A to G. A difference of one class corresponds to approximately 0.1 l/100 km.

The label for wet grip indicates the influence of the tire on the braking distance on wet roads. This label is also divided into classes A to G. The braking distance varies by up to 18 meters between class A and G tires.

The external rolling noise is indicated in decibels as part of the EU tire labeling. Each additional black stripe in the pictogram means an increase in external rolling noise. The pictogram with three black stripes means that the external rolling noise of the tire complies with the EU limit values valid until 2016. Two black stripes indicate that the external rolling noise of the tire complies with the EU limit values applicable from 2016 or is up to 3 dB lower. A black stripe indicates that the external rolling noise of the tire is more than 3 dB below the EU limits applicable from 2016. It should be noted that the external rolling noise of the tire does not always correlate with the noise in the vehicle interior.

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